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Environmental policy has a central role in all the activities of EdS Infrastrutture. Workplaces, mobile sites, corporate offices and peripheral depots and storage of materials, vehicles and equipment are designed and managed according to the logic control to ensure the safeguarding of security for people and the environment. In particular EdS is committed to:

  • Protect the environment, the social contexts and communities in which it operates, carrying out all activities with high standards of safety, considering safety in the workplace preparatory activities for the respect of the environment.
  • Working in close collaboration with customers and suppliers, with a view to continuously improving the performance of telecommunications networks and stations that designs and manufactures .
  • Maintain over time, through consistent behavior , collaboration with stakeholders by integrating its environmental performance, especially in the long term, subject to the terms of delivery and effective risk management.
  • Implement an Environmental Management System and maintain the certification according to ISO 14001.
  • Make available adequate human resources, the skills required, the financial and technological resources for the improvement of environmental performance.
  • Promote the rational and efficient use of energy resources and products, also using the logic of reuse, recycling, technologies and working methods have less impact and greater efficiency.
  • Raise staff awareness on environmental issues , to increase awareness and knowledge necessary to put into practice the principles set forth in this policy , taking care of the importance of the contribution of each to minimize the environmental impact .
  • Keep updated on the best available technology economically compatible to optimize the use of natural resources, with particular attention to energy and the use of more efficient technologies as part of the main business activities.

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