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EDS Infrastrutture S.p.A. in the conduct of its activities, consider the continuous improvement in the field of Health and Safety in the workplace very valuable to us, therefore, in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of security, and especially in respect of the people that make up the organization, the EDS Infrastrutture SpA pursues the aims of the purposes listed below:


  • Constantly pursue the absence of accidents occurring to their employees and staff of the Third Companies;
  • Pursue the continuous improvement of the working environment, in order to safeguard the health of workers;
  • Implement every action and useful initiative to prevent risks and accidents of any kind for the prevention of injuries and occupational diseases;
  • Ensure control of any emergency through proper plans;
  • Ensure compliance with the maintenance plans of the vehicles and equipment used by the Organization in order to reduce the possibility of potential risk to operators who use them;
  • Ensure compliance with the laws and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace, and compliance with internal requirements which the organization subscribes;
  • Train, inform and train employees, to achieve the highest levels of professionalism and the best management with regard to Health and Safety in the workplace.


To make measurable improvements, EDS Infrastrutture SpA establishes annual goals based on appropriate indicators of safety.
The actual achievement of the objectives is verified by the management during the annual sessions of the Review.
To properly implement this policy , they must find the correct application of all national and local codes that govern behavior in different ways to hold and the requirements to be respected in relation to health and safety, as well as all procedures/operating instructions specifically defined for the minimization of risks and hazards in the workplace.
In this regard, it is essential that the behavior of the individual, regardless of the places in which they operate, is consistent with its objectives and that everyone, when there are hazardous conditions, must immediately notify the Department in order to timely corrective action/preventive.
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